Regenerative communities are emerging in both urban and rural areas across every continent. The global Regenerative Communities Network honors and connects these efforts with a digital learning platform and through a long-term cycle of on the ground support.

The Network’s goals are to:

  • support rich cycles of learning within and across communities;
  • increase regenerative capacity at the individual, organizational, community, bioregional, and global scales;
  • and drive significant amounts of aligned capital towards regenerative initiatives.

Regenerative communities provide diverse, place-sourced, and practical tests of alternative economic pathways. Linking across geographies and scales, they collectively offer the possibility of hope - and of a regenerative world.

Find out more about the Regenerative Communities Network here.

Please join a global community of regenerative practioners as we embark on learning journeys within and across our bioregions. Once you join the digital platform, contact us if you would like your community to join the global network.