International workshop to launch Regenerate Costa Rica Hub and sub-hubs.

An international workshop was recently held at Rancho Margot, in the Agua y Paz Biosphere Reserve in the northern zone of Costa Rica. This workshop brought together several global leaders, recognized for their outstanding work in different aspects of regenerative development. The meeting was convened by the University for International Cooperation (UCI) and Capital Institute, with financial support from Sri Ramanuja Mission Trust in India and Fundación CRUSA, from Costa Rica.

"Regenerate Costa Rica Hub", coordinated by UCI, will support several "Regional Regenerative Development Hubs". The focus is on the implementation of true holistic approaches, uniting territories, society and economy to support local territorial councils of three pilot zones - and applicable to other projects later - to achieve true regenerative development. These initial hubs are located in the Nicoya Peninsula, the Water and Peace Biosphere Reserve and Osa and will support the territorial councils established by the Rural Development Institute (INDER).

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